This is a pretty exciting week for me. On Friday, I get the opportunity to spend the day at Conseco Field House in Indianapolis, Indiana. As part of an event for my employer, we will also get an opportunity to meet the great #33, Larry Bird.

Growing up, you were either a fan of Larry Bird or Magic Johnson. There was no middle ground. I have to be truthful and admit that I was a fan of Magic.  However, it is pretty exciting to get an opportunity to meet one of the greatest basketball players of all time. When I got my formal invitation this past week, I was pretty pumped.

Then it hit me today. He’s just another human being. What’s there to get so excited about? I honestly had to check myself and say are you that excited about meeting Christ one day? How about David, Peter, Paul, Moses and Job? In the grand scheme of things, wouldn’t their accomplishments rank much higher then that of some guy that put a basketball through a hoop? It was all a bit convicting.

Even though I received a formal invitation to heaven and a much bigger event, my anticipation and eagerness to attend are often swayed by life’s journey. While Friday will be an exciting day, it is nothing compared to the day that I meet my Savior. May I never forget and always be challenged to keep that in perspective.