I was getting ready for my trip this morning and had a rather interesting thought. I once heard it said that “Overnight success usually takes 15 years”. Interestingly enough, 2007 would mark 15 years in the professional workforce for me. So I’ve got that going for me…..which is nice (Caddyshack reference).

Within a few moments of that epiphany, came this one. “How do you measure success?” Certainly gives me food for thought for the drive over to Indiana. Maybe I should start there and determine exactly what that is. My guess is that I achieved “success” long ago.

The reality is that there is no dollar figure to success. A family that you love and love you in return, friends that support you, encourage you and are even willing to correct you when necessary cannot be seen on some spreadsheet. Yet these things alone give me riches beyond measure. Have a great weekend.