heisman.jpgBoy, that sure didn’t take long. Nothing like getting this new found grace put to the test right away. Here’s how it all went down.

I was waiting at the counter of the gas station today when a businessman in a hurry came in. He announced to the teenager behind the counter and I that his battery had just died, right there at the pump. Being that I was a “businessman in a hurry” too, I froze.

I stood there, speechless, like a statue. Replace the football with a 12 pack of diet coke and the Heisman Trophy is an exact replica of my mental reaction. Even the kid working behind the counter had more compassion then I showed. He said “you need a jump”. I said…well…nothing. Frozen.

The businessman said “I have cables, would you mind?” Still frozen, like one of the candy displays, my mind was screaming “this is the part where you say you will help this man”. The kid said “I’ll be out in a minute”. He was probably thinking “I will be out as soon as I help this other guy, that won’t help you”.

As I paid, my conviction finally got the best of me and I told the kid working that I would pull around for the businessman in a hurry. Would you believe that he was so thankful he offered me money? Man did I feel terrible. He was beyond grateful. I have much to learn about grace and when to extend it. Maybe next time I won’t “strike a pose”.