suit.jpgI attended the wedding of the daughter of a close friend and mentor to me today. It was a wonderful event and as usual, everyone was dressed their best. Even I used the occasion to break out the suit that only comes out for weddings, interviews and funerals. I guess you never realize how you must dress on a regular basis until people comment when you wear something like a suit. It must be such a shock, that people notice enough to let you know about it. SEVERAL people let you know about it!

As I sat there in my “monkey suit” (as I like to call it), I couldn’t help but wonder about my faith. Is it like my suit or is it like the clothes that I am both comfortable and recognizable in? Do I wear it every day, or is it just once in a while for special occasions? Most importantly, when others look at my life, would my walk be the thing they recognize, or the thing that they are surprised to see me wearing?

Don’t get my wrong, suits are great. I am just more comfortable in a t-shirt, jeans and a “hat to the back”. It just fits who I am I guess. It’s my prayer that my faith “just fits who I am” as well.

“I’m not trying to prove anything. It’s all about the change. It’s all about the change.” -Mercyme