footprints_2.jpg“…and I don’t want to miss a thing.” – Aerosmith

Last night I was sharing some dreams and visions with my wife. That’s when I said something that I guess I didn’t even realize was in my head.  I think I might have just stumbled across my greatest fear. Here is what I said…

“I sense God is up to something and I just don’t want to miss it”.

I have been unpacking that statement all day. It seems harmless enough right? But when I look at what led me to say such a thing, it scares me to death. Basically it boils down to several signs, events, happenings (some would call coincidence) that give me a clear idea that I am being called to something. I just don’t know what it is. While it’s exciting to know that God has something new for me, it scares me to death that my will, my drive and “I” will get in the way. I fear over thinking it. I fear not seeing the trees while standing in the forest.

Part of me says to be patient and let his plan unfold. Yet I know that following God often involves being willing to take a risk. That risk is what he can use to prove his provision in our lives. I don’t want to play it safe and miss the opportunity to grow, to be used and to bring him glory. What if Moses just kept his shoes on and walked away from the burning bush? What if Abraham said “no thanks, I think me and the boy will stay right where we are!” What if David said “Brothers, this food order is pick up only. I’m not delivering anything to you out there!”

Not sure what all of this means. I’m still working through those 15 little words. Just thought I would throw it out here in case anyone else has been there, done that and NOT missed it. Lord don’t let me miss your purpose for my life.