You are going to have to bear with my techie side, but I think this helps explain my last post even further.

There were once 3 computers, all built by the same “manufacturer”. Each was specially designed and equally equipped. They came with no instructions, but were built for the latest and greatest technology challenges. Each was put to work immediately.

The first PC (PC1) was plugged in and working right out of the box (insert joke here). Within minutes, PC1 was sending and receiving emails, printing documents and surfing the web. That was it’s extent. Nothing more. Nothing less. Email, documents and the internet. It was content.

The second PC (PC2) was plugged in and working right out of the box as well. Within minutes, PC2 was doing everything that PC1 did, as well as playing music, saving and editing pictures, creating slideshows and playing all of the latest games. PC2 was used quite often and was very content.

Then there was the third PC (PC3). PC3 took a while to get fully up and running. There was a wait while all of the peripherals and external devices were configured. The wait, however, was worth it. Once PC3 was up and running, it was fascinating. Email, documents, pictures, video, music, streaming video, internet, CAD files, data backup, web design, PC3 did it all. It was also very content.

One day the maker of the PC’s stopped by to visit all 3 of his creations. Though he was glad that all 3 were working well, he found real joy in PC3. For it was this computer that had realized and maximized it’s full potential. Through this PC, others recognized and gave credit to it’s maker. They were drawn to the maker and wanted to know more about him. 3 computers equally built. 3 different levels of using what they were designed and built for. Though all were capable of extraordinary things, PC3 maximized the way it was wired to bring glory to it’s maker.

A bit silly? Yes, I admit it is. I guess my point is that I want to be PC3. I want to know that I used every thing God made me for to bring him glory.  I don’t want to be content with simply doing some of what I am capable of and was made for. The search continues….