prtwoman.jpgMaybe I am just trying to justify why watching “Pretty Woman” AGAIN the other night is 2 hours of my life I will never get back, but these are some random thoughts after watching this film.

Weren’t we all, at some point, something like Julia Roberts character in the movie? Our lives are at a place we don’t want to be. We are doing something we never thought we would do. We feel helpless, lost and meaningless to ourselves and the world. We know we have more to offer, but as she said “the bad stuff is easier to believe”.

Yet, at our lowest of lows, a time we least expect, someone rescues us. He meets us where we are. He gives us a new name, cleans us up, allows us to see what is really inside of ourselves. We start to feel and act like the person we were born to be. The old is gone. Getting rid of the old is painful at times, but as we start to sift through it all, we realize we have real value, purpose and character.

But somewhere along the line, an offer is extended to be what God wants us to be. It may not be the same as we wanted (after all, we have read Psalms enough times to know that “he will give us the desires of our heart”). The dialog with the Holy Spirit continues and we say “I want the fairy tale”. Yet we have no idea what the “fairy tale” is. We make that verse in Psalms (Psalms 37:4) fit whatever the latest job, object or want is. Then we finally come to a place where we read the entire verse and understand that first, we must “Delight ourselves in the Lord”, THEN we can understand what “The desires of our heart” really are.

I realize I have taken some HUGE liberties here, but if nothing else it helped me reason why I sat there for 2 hours. Hopefully there is something of value in this post, and you haven’t lost the last 5-10 minutes….