Something for the Weekend

In honor of the upcoming season of American Idol, I thought I would post this. Below is the U2 classic song “Sunday Bloody Sunday” as performed by American Idol winner  contestant (he was robbed!) Chris Daughtry. Hey, those of us that are “follicily challanged” must stick together. We may look alike, but to quote the great philosopher Forrest Gump…”We are of no relation”. Enjoy

4 thoughts on “Something for the Weekend

  1. This guy is awesome. I have the Cd and it is great. Isn’t it funny how all the American Idol winners Kelly Clarkson aside, went on to do nothing. American Idol is nothing but a high school class election. Based on popularity not talent. Chris is proving that with his growing popularity. Nice post!

  2. Agreed, I lost interest after Chris got voted off. He was (bald) head and shoulders above the rest. Haven’t downloaded the disc from itunes yet, but probably will based on your recommendations. Carrie Underwood is doing pretty well for herself too. Her CD is awesome. I am comfortable enough in who I am to admit that I like that CD. She had great writers, as evidence in the song “Jesus Take The Wheel”.

    Where have Taylor Hicks, Fantasia, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken gone though??

  3. Glad to hear that Jason likes the cd… I saw it highlighted on iTunes and thought I’d pick it up, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I liked Daughtry and have watched ever season of IDOL religiously… but Aaron don’t go busting on my boy Clay. He might be a little light in his loafers, but the boys got pipes. As for last year I was a McPhee fan and wasn’t unhappy that quirky Taylor Hicks took the title… even though he is little more than a dive bar act.

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