Interesting Quote


This quote comes directly from the book “Velvet Elvis” by Rob Bell

“God has spoken, and the rest is commentary”

6 thoughts on “Interesting Quote

  1. Nice! I gotta tell ya, Chapter 4 hit me pretty hard last night when I read it. Killing your “Superwhatever” is all too close to home for me. To be honest, it started off really slow for me. Didn’t care for Chapter 1 at all. It is gaining speed though. I couldn’t put it down last night. Great read, great thoughts. Add in Crowder and it must have been a good time. “Wholly Your’s” by Crowder is a personally favorite right now.

  2. Ever seen any of Rob Bell’s “Nooma” videos? They are really great. I have one and watch it over and over…

    I haven’t read “Elvis”, but my wife has and really liked it. Ok, I guess I need to now…

  3. I have seen, but not watched the Nooma videos. Wait…did that even make sense? What I mean is that I know about them, but have not watched any yet. Too busy reading all these books! Anyway, yes, “Elvis” is worth the read. Again, get past Chapter 1 which to me was a bit slow and the rest is too good to pass up. It’s not gospel, but certainly is a check and to say “how am I, or have I been approaching my faith”.

    You can borrow mine if your wife won’t let you read hers 😉

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