“I’m going home, to the place where I belong. Where your love has always been enough for me” – Chris Daughtry

Much of my preparation for the upcoming “Group Link” event has centered around the kitchen table. Since we are focusing our attention to family and community, it would only seem appropriate that this is where we spend our time. After all, isn’t that where most major family events, decisions, stories and memories begin and end?

I was thinking this week about some family events over the years that have happened around that object. Here’s just a few –

  1. It’s where we learned our manners, how to say grace and be thankful.
  2. It’s heard broken hearts, childhood dreams and relocation plans.
  3. It’s held cards, board games and puzzle pieces.
  4. It’s where I asked for my father in-laws blessing (over tomato soup) for his daughters hand in marriage.
  5. It is where the baby entertains us all
  6. It’s where the kids tell about their day, dad decompresses from his and mom is glad “help has arrived”.
  7. It’s where dreams are shared, discussed and launched.

I have heard it said that the biggest selling feature of most homes is the kitchen. That’s no coincidence. It’s where friends share a meal and families share the journey. So how about you? If those 4 table legs could speak, what stories would they tell?