Free Hugs…

I got this link from a blog I was reading. I have been unpacking this little video all weekend. It am totally intrigued by it. It’s amazing to me that a video with literally no background information, narration or information can say so much. To me it proves that we need to be so intentional in taking Christ’s love into the world. People are jaded, frustrated, and lack trust. Even in something as simple as a hug. This is powerful…


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  1. superman1224

    Dude I love this Video. The song is called “All the same By the Sick puppies.” They are an awesome band from Australia. The guy who first did this video sent it to them and they loved the concept so much they made it their music video. Great post!

  2. Aaron

    All – One thing I failed to mention on that video is that everyone that gets the free hug, walks away smiling. I just happened to notice that. Probably something to be said for that.

    Tom – Would love to see that played in a church to see the reaction. It is so powerful.

    Superman – Thanks for the background. Might have to check out the Sick Puppies. You were right on with Daughtry by the way.

    Mudpuppy – Ditto brother. Like you said “blogger sharpens blogger” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Loverboy

    I made a FREE HUGS T-shirt and am selling it on It is simple but I think it is on the right track. Just go to and search FREE HUGS, mine is the Blue colored one. I think blue is a softer feelinf and it looks go on. Imagine Peace.

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