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A Rodent Problem…

gymrat.jpg“If I had just one wish, only one demand. I hope he’s not like me, I hope he understands.” – Creed

Have I taught “the boy” nothing? I mean even my blog is titled after a song that has been “ours” since before he was born. The lyric above was supposed to be his talking points. The apple was supposed to fall far, far, far from the tree. But alas…I think we have a problem here.

For those that don’t know me BB (Before blog), my late high school and college years were defined by an identity. With the release of the movie “One Crazy Summer” and my addiction to playing basketball, I quickly earned the nickname “Hoops”. It stuck and was literally what I became known as. Yet that is a name that I was glad to bury. It is a time, a season and a person that I am no longer. If I never had to face or remember those days again, it would be all to soon. 

Wouldn’t you know that my son is now absolutely addicted to basketball? He is destined to be a total “gym rat”. From PS2 to the Hoop in the basement, he cannot get enough. H-O-R-S-E, P-I-G, Round the basement world, we are playing it every night after dinner. He is all “hoops” all the time. I’m really okay with that. I actually love it. But I hope and I pray that the whole “hoops” thing ends right there. I’d give anything to have my little man not be the guy that I was. Lord help me guide and mold this child to seek you, love you and be who you want him to be.

On a lighter note: I think my obsession for North Carolina has also carried over. He recently informed my father-in-law that “Duke is evil”. He’s only 6 years old!

And a child shall lead them….



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  • Dad · January 23, 2007

    Be careful what you wish for.

  • Michael · January 23, 2007

    In Indiana, basketball is all they teach you. I’ve been deprogramming myself ever since…

    Go HOOSIERS!!!

  • cutfromtherock · January 23, 2007

    Great post. As a fairly new father, this has all been on my mind a lot recently. My prayer has been that I would be humble enough to at least admit my mistakes, since I hear that I’ll never be perfect…:)

  • ShaneBertou · January 23, 2007

    My kid’s a hopeless sports nut too. The only thing is that our family favorite sport is hockey, which there is no hope of him ever playing here in Florida. *sigh*

    Just keep in mind that the hoops time is more likely more about “dad time” for him. That’s probably the primary reason he loves it so much. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Now here’s the part where you get to help mold him by the lessons you’ve learned about the need for balance.

    Go S.U.! (And the Gators too I suppose, since I live in Gainesville now.)

  • faithwalk · January 23, 2007

    Aaron, I love your site, it always makes me smile!

    Parenting is always a joy and a challenge at times, but eve so worth it.
    I have the sense that you are a great dad; your children will grow up in the Way you train them.
    They may depart for a season, but hopefully not, but even if they do as long as they know they are unconditionally loved, they will find there way back home to our Fathers house!

    May Jesus Bless you always and you precious family!


  • faithwalk · January 23, 2007

    make that ever so worth it! :-)

  • Sharla · January 24, 2007

    Aaron – I love this post…..the humor and reality we each face that we have these amazing, unique, gifted little people in our care…our hands to oversee, nurture, protect, guide.

    Isn’t it huge?

    I undertake it as an honor, blessing, and incredible challenge.

    Encouraged to see your eyes delighting in him.


  • Sharla · January 24, 2007

    side note………Chasing Daylight (Seizing Your Divine Moment) is one of my favorite books in these past few years.

    It’s a paradigm shifter for sure.

  • Aaron · January 24, 2007

    Mike – In high school, we used to say “let’s play Hoosiers”. It was in honor of the movie and IU winning the NCAA title (AKA Keith Smart)

    Cut – Congrats! Agreed. I like to think that the kids and I are teaching and learning from each other daily. I’m still lookin’ for that instruction manual!

    Shane – Thanks man. Great point. It is about the time together. I love what you said about why he loves it so much. To still know he wants to love what I do is special!

    Faithwalk – Thanks so much for always being an encouragement. I once heard it said that when it comes to children, nothing will cost less and return more. I have certainly found that to be true!

    Sharla – Huge is an understatement. Yet day by day, week by week, we are moving through this journey. Sadly, the journey is flying all too quickly. But then we get grandkids and the REAL fun starts! :)

    Chasing Daylight is good. The irony is that I have been so busy “chasing” work, family, church, and everything else that I haven’t gotten any further then Chapter 2. Love what I read so far though.

  • Clay · January 24, 2007

    I hear ya Aaron. Similar story differenty verse. In the Burkle house our post dinner antics include half-nelsons and single legs. All part of the molding process :)!

  • Joni Ruhs · January 26, 2007

    I love the proverb “Train up a child in the way he should go…” We generally use that as a “raise ’em right” verse. I’ve been told that “way” also refers to their bent or discovering what their natural talents are, then guiding them along. Kind of using their powers for good and not evil! I’ve found that in one of my daughters who is a Joni clone in many ways. I just hope to channel her strengths positively and chip through the negatives. Obviously this is a God job. I wish that had been done for me before I turned 35! Hang in there and don’t blink. You’ll miss something.

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