The Car

“It’s not the car that I’m needin’, just the chance to be with him. I know that once these days roll past us, they will never come again. So little time and we spend way too much apart. There will always be a part of us together in that car.” – Jeff Carson

“The Boy” and I have been looking forward to today. We started off by signing up for coach pitch baseball. Then it was off to “Awana Grand Prix Car Cutting” at church. Once the car was completed, we snuck into the gym for a little “round the world”. Then we got some lunch and hit the local Hobby Lobby for the necessities for his car (paint, decals, glue).

This is our first year building our own car. The past 2 years, he was only a “cubbie” and had to participate by racing a Hot Wheel car. Wouldn’t you know that he has won both years? The bar has been set pretty high. Feeling the pressure to keep up the winning streak, I have gotten advice from all of the “Seasoned Car Creators”. It’s enough to make your head spin.

Then it hit me today, like the lyric above (and song below) says, this race has nothing to do with how the car looks or who wins. It boils down to the time we are spending together. It’s the chance to be in my sons life, and love on him a bit. To laugh, work and enjoy one another’s company. The time goes to quick. Here’s hoping his car does too!

4 thoughts on “The Car

  1. Beautiful!
    Every moment spent with your children is a stone set in the foundation upon which they will build their lives.
    It blesses me that you have this revelation as too many daddy’s do not; they are so caught in the web of this worlds race to achieve trophies of no real value.
    Blessings as your son builds his car, while you with the Lord, build up his character; helping him to become the person God created him to be.
    May we all win the race that counts!

    Blessings to you in Christ!


  2. I will be a father who needs these kinds of consistent reminders, as I’m sure we all are. While my son’s not ready for this from me due to his age, I still need to be praying about it now to prepare myself for the times where this will be essential for me to remember.

    That sounds like an awesome father son activity. I look forward to seeing what mine loves and helping him with it…

  3. Susan – Perfectly said! Thanks for the blessings on his car..we are gonna need it. I am what you might call tool challenged 🙂

    Mud Puppy – Couldn’t agree with you more. Just add 2 little girls and I am a train wreck!

    Cutfromtherock – I bounced over to your blogspot site to see your sons pictures! Hang onto those memories. That time flies by so fast. He is a beautiful baby boy. Those are some of my greatest memories with my son. He was our first, so we were learning our way together. He was, in many ways, raising me! Hold him as long as you can, then “let that pony run” brother. Enjoy the journey.

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