I do my best to be an “equal opportunity blog poster”. But I bet if we went back and counted the number of kids posts versus those for my wife, the totals would not be close. Here’s one more to add to the column of my rock, my balance and my best friend.

In all the craziness of the past six months, there has been one constant in my life. My wife has weathered multiple storms of emotions and stress. She has kept this sailor calm and the ship steady while the “winds of change” were raging. I figured it was high time for a thank you. So, this is my shot at getting even with you.

When I think about the role of the wife, I am sure glad that I don’t have to be one. Add to that mix the “stay at home” part and the job description gets even tougher. I have a hard time getting my head around what it must be like to wait while your future hangs in the balance of the decisions of your husband. Yet my wife waited patiently as the future of our finances, friends, even locality hung in the balance. She kept the day-to-day operations of the Conrad household steady, consistent and on-track, no matter what. Amazing.

I wonder how I would react if someone said; “over the next few months, I am going to decide where you will live, how much money you will have (or not have) to spend and oh, by the way, could you take care of these three children…”? I am thinking I would not be real happy. Yet she did that and more. So, my wife, I thank you. Thank you for supporting me, no matter what, or where our decisions take us. Thank you for building confidence, listening to rants, and still thinking I could “rope the moon”. To quote Leann Rimes:

“I’ll get even with you. For the hard times you helped me through. I’m given back to you, all the love you’ve given me. For the rest of my life. Every day and every night. If it’s the last thing I’ll ever do, I’ll get even with you.”