Remember Who You Are….

I’m sure we all remember the scene from “The Lion King” where Simba see’s the vision of his father in a cloud. The voice calls out and says “Remember who you are”. Well, I guess I just had one of those moments. Before you think I have totally lost it, understand that I didn’t see a cloud, or audibly hear any voices. Yet those words might as well have been spoken. The moment was appropriate enough.

While I was working, I was checking out the new Jeremy Camp CD, “Beyond Measure”. In a quiet moment, I heard the words to a song called “I Am Nothing”. They rang through the office as I played it over and over again.

“I’m always in this place, where the things I seem to take, are the things I wish would fade. I always purpose in my heart to do things the right way, then I realize I’m still clay. And this piece that’s being shaped, will be a beauty you create.”

Remember Who You Are

I was reminded that I am still clay. Boy am I still clay! I was reminded that there is a lot of work to do. 1 Corinthians 13:2 states that “…if I have faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing“. Even if I have that kind of faith, but lack something like love, patience, forgiveness or let pride, arrogance and bitterness creep in, I am nothing.

“I am nothing without Your love. I’m unworthy but Your death has been enough. I’m completed by Your touch. But I feel like I’ve been given so much.”

Remember who you are

Without God’s grace, I am nothing. The clay is nothing without the potter. Yet we are something! Who are we? We are His creation. We are His joy. We are His masterpiece. We are here for His glory. We are here for His purpose. Somehow, we are worthy of His grace.

Remember who you are

“I Am Nothing” by Jeremy Camp from the CD “Beyond Measure”

(Originally Posted November 2006)

6 thoughts on “Remember Who You Are….

  1. Man, you are on a roll this week. Since Sunday you have challenged me to spend mroe time with my children, appreciate my wife, love my neighbors and seek personal growth. What’s left to cover? You blog blesses me…”Beyond Measure”. Keep up the great work friend.

  2. Andy – Thanks for the kind words. I am really just trying to share what God lays on my heart. I figure he knows who needs to read it and when. I’m just the messenger 😉

    Rindy – I think our CD collections probably very closely resemble one anothers.

    Superman – Keep rememberin’ brother.

    Danny – It’s a personal favorite of mine as well. “Give me Jesus” is another great one.

  3. Clay, oh yes, that we are.
    some days I feel more like a cracked pot, but thankfully the love of Jesus always softens my heart, puts me back together again.
    He is just SO good, so awesome!

    He just keeps working away on us faithfully…

    Bless you Aaron!

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