Where I Go….

“Can I climb up in your lap? I don’t want to leave. Jesus, sing over me” – Mercyme

I can’t thank all of you enough for your response to my last post. I appreciate your hearts and compassion for someone in the midst of a storm.

When I hear news like this, I can’t say that I don’t feel a few rain drops in my world as well. I find myself putting another tick mark beside question number one on my list of things to ask when I get to heaven. You know the one…”Lord, why do things like this happen to good people“? It’s days like this that I escape to some music during my quiet times of searching, seeking and prayer. The song below is where I usually start and where I go when I am hurting. Not only when I hurt, but when others hurt as well.

As a father, there is this incredible feeling of wholeness when my children climb up in my lap. When the tears of pain dry up by simply being someplace where they know they are loved. When nothing more then the silence of the moment brings peace, and an escape from whatever hurts. I don’t wish or orchestrate the moments, but I savor this time together.

Am I any different? When I’m hurting, when I searching for comfort? I still visit the lap of my Heavenly Father. It’s where I go.

This side of heaven, I don’t know that any of us will understand the “Why’s”. I am convinced that much of getting through it, all depends on “where”. Keep singing. Keep praising his name. That’s the only way that we’ll find healing.

8 thoughts on “Where I Go….

  1. Hi Aaron,

    Great song. Easy to see how it ministers to you. One that came to mind as I read your post was “Sometimes He Calms the Storm” by Scott Krippayne. Blessings.

    Sometimes He Calms the Storm

    All who sail the sea of faith
    Find out before too long
    How quickly blue skies can grow dark
    And gentle winds grow strong
    Suddenly fear is like white water
    Pounding on the soul
    Still we sail on knowing
    That our Lord is in control

    Sometimes He calms the storm
    With a whispered peace be still
    He can settle any sea
    But it doesn’t mean He will
    Sometimes He holds us close
    And lets the wind and waves go wild
    Sometimes He calms the storm
    And other times He calms His child

    He has a reason for each trial
    That we pass through in life
    And though we’re shaken
    We cannot be pulled apart from Christ
    No matter how the driving rain beats down
    On those who hold to faith
    A heart of trust will always
    Be a quiet peaceful place

  2. What a beautiful song. It reminded me of my mom and how she “kept singing” during all her trials. The night my brother died my mother, father (who witnessed his death), and myself prayed. My mom prayed “God, make this to glorify your name. Bring good out of this tragedy.” Here was this woman, who had just buried her father and was dying of a rare cancer…she kept singing. God was and still is being glorified thru my brother’s death. Sometimes the “why” is “what do you need me to do?” “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” James 4:10

  3. I love Mercy Me’s songs. they hit home! You know we will never know the “why’s” of life until we meet our Lord face to face. But I do know that the “why’s” in my life have shaped my character, given me patience, compassion and empathy concerning others. It’s a good place to be because your eyes are on Him.

  4. sdlldl – beautiful song. I have never heard it, but the words are perfect.

    Mary – Thank you for sharing those memories. You have always had a wonderful gift for finding lasting truth in tragedy. Thanks for always following and reading this thing 🙂

    Danny101 – Glad you liked it. Rindy’s probably got the CD somewhere.

    Author – Their concert was one of most amazing worship experiences I have been to. They are the real deal. So true on the “why’s”

    Thanks Brian. I apprecaite you brother.

  5. Great words… because in the lap of our Heavenly Father is healing and peace.

    I do believe in miracles. The empty grave of Jesus bears witness to that! And even in this day and age, healing is possible because with God, nothing is impossible!

    It’s really encouraging how a brother like you responds to the storm. That’s the real kind of peace! Not the one where you’re happy just because everyone’s happy. But when you still have joy and peace, when everyone and everything else are in a storm… that is the “peace that transcends all understanding.”

    Praise God for you, my brother! Healing and miracles, in Jesus’ name!!

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