Who is Leading Worship?

This is posted in honor of the Chris Tomlin concert which was cancelled due to weather tonight. I was really looking forward to it too…..

Several months ago a friend and I were discussing, among other things, worship music. The discussion ranged from our eager anticipating of a new worship leader joining our church, to singers like Chris Tomlin. Then came a question which I have pondered for weeks now. He simply said “do you think God will have him (Chris Tomlin) lead worship when we get to heaven?” At first I kinda laughed it off. Yet that question has just resonated with me.

When I think of the many exciting things that await us in heaven, the music is one thing that stands out to me. If you have ever been moved by a Sunday morning choir, then you know what I am talking about. Now, just imagine if God tapped Chris Tomlin on the shoulder, handed him the baton and said “why don’t you lead this one”. Maybe He would even say “could you do that one I inspired you to write for me”.

I recently read this article in Time Magazine about Chris. I was reminded of how much he understands his spiritual gifts. He has taken those gifts and provided churches with songs that offer praise and adoration to the one that is worthy. I don’t know if God will have Chris Tomlin lead worship in heaven one day, but I like to think this might be the one that he leads off the set with.

6 thoughts on “Who is Leading Worship?

  1. Even though Chris is a great singer and songwriter and I wouldn’t mind if he led a few songs in heaven, he will have to move over to allow my mother, grandpa and brother lead at least a few songs. lol I think they may be teaching angels how to sing even now.

  2. I think we would all agree that there will be one awesome praise-fest going on. At the risk of coining another song, can you imagine what it’s going to be like singing to Jesus face to face? Awesome…

  3. I love this post. For someone who is in the worship band I can’t imagine having a roll in worship in Heaven or even how awesome the worship will be when we get to Heaven.

  4. Twice in the last week I’ve heard a pastor speak of the party in heaven that is to come. Both Brad Powell and Louie Giglio mentioned how awesome the worship will be and even used similar illustrations to demonstrate possibilities.

    Louie said something that resonated with me though. He said, of all the 6.8 billion people on the planet, only a small portion speak english. He said the overall worship will sound much different than we might expect considering the United States does not represent the majority of those being saved. Very profound thought.

    I’m bummed you missed the concert. Join us in Fort Wayne on the 25th!

  5. The book of Revelation is resplendent with images of worship! Music and singing are a big part of those images….singing day and night! Wow, for us musically challenged, we’ll even be able to hit the right note!

    I attended a Chris Tomlin concert at Northridge Church with my son about a year ago. I can only imagine that heaven will be exponentially like that experience. God is certainly working through Chris.

  6. Tomlin is supposed to be rescheduled. You know me and waiting though. I know it will be worth the wait though. Just like heaven and the never ending worship service. Thank you all for your responses. I can’t wait to share heaven and all it’s glory with each of you.

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