Wholly Yours

Not much to post the past few days – Extremely busy. So I figured I would get this up here until I have more time. I dig David Crowder. For more of his stuff, visit my buddy Mudpuppy’s Site. I downloaded this from a web site, but I honestly don’t remember where. It’s one of my 5 favorite songs at the moment. There is a brief intro from none other then David Crowder himself. Sounds like it was a listening party or something. Enjoy

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  1. mudpuppy

    I would have never guessed that I’m as big a Crowder freak as this, but I know exactly where this song came from. It was played during a Relevant podcast last summer. It was in promotion for the B Collisions album. I LOVE the stripped down version. He also did another song just like it. I think it was ‘Here Is Our King’. I’ll send it your way tomorrow…

    BTW, I’ll be heading to see DCB twice more this year. Once in Detroit in June, and again at Kings Island in July.

    (Podcast: June 16th, 2006 – http://www.relevantmagazine.com/podcastarchive

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