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Are you “Joy Challenged?”

In his book “The Life You’ve Always Wanted“, John Ortberg outlines a plan for the spiritual discipline of joy. He recommended that if you find yourself down, depressed, or often “joy challenged”, you should surround yourself with people that bring you joy. He even went so far as to say that we should schedule regular appointments in our busy lives with someone that brings us laughter and joy. Not bad advice. I saw this clip over on Pastor Hawkins site last week and to be honest, wish I knew “Gladys from Austin”. She would be someone I would want to schedule time with in order to bring joy into my day. This clip is great. Credit goes to Pastor Hawkins. Thanks for sharing the joy! 




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  • mattw23 · February 19, 2007

    I can see how Gladys would give people joy. great video!

  • pastorhawkins · February 20, 2007

    You gotta love the simple honesty!

  • Grits n' Grace · February 20, 2007

    That is so funny! Thanks for sharing.

  • Joni Ruhs · February 20, 2007

    Oh my gosh that was great! “I love Jesus but I drink a little”-classic! My husband’s Grandma Tillie is candid like Gladys. I suppose at that age there’s no need for pretense anymore.

  • cutfromtherock · February 20, 2007

    What a great caller. I appreciate your post and realize this is something I need to spend a little more time experiencing. I get so caught up in my work sometimes, that I forget how important it is just enjoy life. I need to make a few calls now.

  • code6 · February 20, 2007

    joyce meyer’s said on her latest message that adults laugh about 4-5 times a day. Children laugh aprx. 100 times a day.

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  • pr3rna · February 21, 2007

    Thanks for sharing,it brought a smile on my face. I was a little sad, my friends son is in the hospital.I will go and tell him also about this he will feel nice.

  • NYSaintinSC · February 21, 2007

    Funny Funny!… I loved it… thanks for sharing!

  • Kathryn · February 24, 2007

    THanks for posting this! It was the laugh I needed today!! If you hear from Gladys, post again!

  • Aaron · February 25, 2007

    All – Glad you enjoyed this clip. I will admit that I have watched it multiple times at Pastor Hawkins site, and no on mine. I so wish for an opportunity to spend a day with Gladys. What a day that would be….even if she drank a little 🙂

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