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Seven Little Words

I don’t really have anything creative to say for this one. It’s basically these seven little words that are occupying a lot of my thoughts and time right now. It’s a season of understanding that God has chosen to place me in. So while I try to figure it out, here’s the video to one of the most lyrically powerful songs I know. “God is God” by Steven Curtis Chapman.




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  • Mark · March 5, 2007

    Taken from the movie ‘End of the spear’. Great movie. If you haven’t seen it you should and watch for the Dads reply to his son when asked if he would use his gun to defend himself if attacked by the tribesmen.

  • Aaron · March 6, 2007

    Good call Marky. I still haven’t seen that. I’ll check it out. Thanks brother.

  • iluv2prshim · March 6, 2007

    Steven Curtis Chapman is one of my favorites. His songs always minister to me. This one is awesome.

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