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Somethings Just Don’t Mix..

So much for the excitement of my flight to San Antonio. Here’s a riddle for you. What do you get when you combine an already anxious mind, the book “Where is God When it Hurts”, a doctor in the seat behind you doing his dictation in a tape recorder of some horrible cases and a 3 hour flight? Well, let’s just say if it was a 4 hour flight, you’d probably be reading about me on the news. Since I am in Texas, I will say it like this…”Ya’ll, I was about to lose my mind”!

Luckily, we landed, Doctor Dictation put away his tape recorder, I put on my iPod and put away the book and order was restored. I was going to bring “In the Eye of the Storm” by Max Lucado with me on this trip, but didn’t like the idea of storms and planes together. All that to share this one quote from the “Where is God When it Hurts”. It is in reference to what CS Lewis refers to as “pain, the megaphone of God”

“God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains, it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world”. – CS Lewis

“Where is God When it Hurts” is a fascinating book in which Philip Yancey dedicates hours of research into the human body. It is amazing to learn how these bodies we live and move in operate. Especially after 3 hours on a plane to San Antonio!


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  • shanebertou · March 13, 2007

    You know, I don’t think I’ve ever read a Yancey book. Maybe I’ll start with this one.

  • Aaron · March 14, 2007

    Shane – This is only the second Yancey book I have read. I have “Prayer” and “The Jesus I Never Knew” at home, but have not gotten to them yet. I would highly recommend the book “What’s So Amazing About Grace” by Yancey as a starter. It is an incredible book.

  • Faithwalk · March 16, 2007

    I’ve had three people recommend that book this week, What’s so amazing about grace. Half our friends in ministry are now reading it too, might just have to borrow a copy…


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