outsiders2.jpgPermit me if you will to take a quick stroll down “80’s Memory Lane”. The title and photo probably already gave it away, but I used to really like the movie “The Outsiders” when I was growing up. I can’t remember how many times I watched it, but I am sure the number is obscene (we had cable). I would also admit that if our last child would have been a boy, there was some serious discussion (debate) on naming him “Dallas”. “Ponyboy” was out of the question though….

Anyway, there was a line in that movie, as well as a song by Stevie Wonder from a Robert Frost poem called “Nothing Gold Can Stay” (yes, I actually just referenced a poet..shocking I know). The last line of that poem reads “So dawn goes down to day, nothing gold can stay“. I find myself thinking of that poem, the movie and the words to the song that simply said “Stay Gold“.

Our children are growing so fast. In the next two months, our second child will be four and the “baby” will be turning two years old. It seems like yesterday that we were a family of three with only “the boy” to look after. I guess what got me to thinking all of this was our prayer time tonight with the kids. We each take our turn praying (except the baby since she is in her crib fast asleep by then). Tonight, something about their prayers was so rich, innocent and real. I guess it was, what I would call “gold”. I never want them to lose that. I pray they never lose that faith that understands that we are to be as thankful for our blessings and God’s grace as we are our trials and struggles.

I close with two words for my children and those of you that have little ones, with little prayers and big dreams. It would be my prayer that in each category, they simply…

Stay Gold.