Lose My Soul

tobymac.jpgI’m not gonna lie..I’m not a fan of Tobymac. Well, I should say I wasn’t a fan of Tobymac. Sadly, I don’t have a really good reason except when DC Talk split, I found my allegiance to the group going to Michael Tate. Plus I am not sure I ever recovered from my disappointment that these 3 guys just couldn’t find a way to get along. “Jesus Freak” is still one of the greatest CD’s ever created in Christian music culture. No doubt about it.

So when I kept hearing people talk about the latest offering from Tobymac, I will admit I was a bit skeptical. While I really liked the song “Extreme Days”, I have not really connected with anything else he has done. Until now. Folks, if you haven’t heard the song “lose my soul”, you have got to stop reading, go to iTunes and download it NOW! Actually, you can finish reading this, then head over there, but either way, that song is a throwback to the old DC Talk days. The guest appearances of my man Kirk Franklin and Mandisa (from American Idol fame) round out this song perfectly. The lyrics are so strong, they could actually stand alone.

Matthew 16:26 says “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?

I don’t know if Jesus could have stated it any clearer. As Toby says at the end of the song “Lord forgive us when we get consumed by the things of this world that fight for our love and our passion. As our eyes are opened wide and on you, grant us the privilege of your world view. And may your kingdom be what wakes us up and lays us down”

*special thanks to my guys Mudpuppy and Superman1224 for once again pointing out another can’t miss hit!

** Interestingly enough, Michael Tate also had a hit with a song called “Empty” which used the same verse as the chorus.

11 Replies to “Lose My Soul”

  1. rindy

    Isn’t it great? I surprisingly like the whole CD. Of course, people do look when it is cranked up and I am driving…I think they expect a younger teen boy! 😉 Definitely worth the listen!

  2. mudpuppy

    I was going to post about that song this week myself. When I heard that song for the first time (Live) on Friday night, it floored me. I can’t listen enough, and I find myself singing it all day long.

  3. shanebertou

    I’ve never been a big TobyMac (or DC Talk fan). I’ve heard a bit from this album, and it honestly wasn’t that bad. But I did think the whole putting your kid on a track thing was a bit gimmicky.

    Hopefully one day those three can get along well enough to put together a reunion of sorts. I think the CCM community would really like that.

  4. pastorhawkins

    Aaron, you remind me of my own Toby story. I absolutely hated rap and anything hip hop. Until I went to a Tobmac concert and he changed my bigoted view of that whole genre of music. I tell you it was inspirational! I was unable to attend the last concert held at Northridge, but those who went have not stopped talking about it! I will get to iTunes and download the song you’ve mentioned….I’ve yet to hear it. Thanks!

  5. Patricia

    I’ve been exposed to Toby Mac and DC Talk for years as my teen boys were growing up, but my daughter re-introduced me to Toby when she purchased his latest CD off iTunes and I accompanied her to a concert earlier this month. Now I am a fan! I LOVE the DC Talk video you posted elsewhere! Thank you!

  6. Aaron

    All – Hope the track didn’t disappoint. I personally can’t get enough of it. As the Mudpuppy said, the first verse speaks right to me as a husband and father. “I’m going to be a daddy who’s in the mix”

  7. Ree ree

    I’ve never really listened to Toby Mac, until I received this promo cd, boy have I been missing out! Every song on the cd is awesome! Can’t wait to share it with my youth group!

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