img_2500.JPGWhen tough little boys grow up to be dad’s, they turn into big babies again” – Gary Allan

I have blogged this process several times, but today was hopefully the beginning of the final chapter of “What Happens When Treadmills Attack”. For those that might have missed it, back in November, my 6 year old son got into a fight with the treadmill and needless to say, the treadmill won. He did some major damage to the “naughty” finger on his left hand. We thought it was going to be alright after the healing of the wound took place, but over the past few months, it literally took a turn.

Long story short, the tip of said finger has gradually been going further and further to the side. It didn’t hurt him, but it clearly was never meant to be like that. Several doctors, x-rays and consultations later and we arrived at the surgey to repair it this morning. I’m happy to report that, best we can tell, it was a success. We will know more in 4 weeks when they remove the pin, but with his age and the growing he has ahead of him, I think my little guys gonna be just fine.

I was once again reminded of my strongest weakness though. I’m good to go until something happens to one of my kids or my wife. If you want to see a guy lose it pretty quick, stand me next to my son in a hospital bed and watch the meltdown occur. Granted, it was only his finger, but man oh man, it puts things in perspective real quick.

Being that “the boy” is….a boy, I am sure this one of many injuries, scrapes, bumps and bruises. I guess I am the one that needs to toughen up a bit.