Okay, so I can’t just let the defeat of Carolina go without “one shining moment” which happened during the game. As I said in my last post, besides my Treo phone, the only other contact I had with the game was my 6 year old at home. He was watching the game (in between rounds of a Dora game on the computer with his sister). When the lead had evaporated and the game was tied, the following conversation took place over my cell:

Me: Hey buddy, what’s going on? What happened?

Mini Me: I don’t know

Me: Well how much time is left?

Mini Me: 244

Me: What? Is there a little circle between those two fours? (24.4)

Mini Me: I don’t know

Me: Well WHAT’s ON THE TV? Who’s got the ball?

Mini Me: It’s a commercial

Me: Okay, who HAD the ball?

Mini Me: Okay, their back….Carolina…30 seconds left. (silence……..)


Mini Me: It’s a commercial again (silence….)


Mini Me: Georgetown…10 seconds left.

Me: WHAT HAPPENED (speaking VERY LOUD now)? Did Carolina score?

Mini Me: Nope. (silence….)

Me: Ugh…Call me back when the games over okay?

Mini Me: Okay….

The rest as they say is history. UNC lost and he called me after the overtime to break the news. That was almost as classic as the rest of it.

Me: Hey Buddy

Mini Me: Georgetown won.

While his reporting was 100% accurate, the delivery clearly needs some work. There’s always next year….