"Not My Will, but Yours"

storm.jpg“It’s my will and I’m not moving. ‘Cause if it’s your will, then nothing can shake me” -DC Talk

The regular readers have probably noted that this weeks posts have a somewhat of a theme to them. I guess it’s just a reflection of my thought process and time with God this week. I determined on Sunday to really spend some time in reflection on what this week means. What Friday means and why those that follow Christ celebrate on Easter Sunday. Almost audibly Sunday, the five words “Not my will but yours” came to mind. So I have zeroed in on that passage.

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done”. (Luke 22:42)

I have blogged about challenges and trials this year and also noted that not only have we grown up, but our problems and the things we face have too. In all of this adversity, I am challenged by the question “have I grown up spiritually as well”? What has the refining process taught me? Have I learned to stand in the face of something I don’t want to do and say “Lord, if you are willing, I would rather not go through this; yet not my will but yours be done.”? I’m not sure I have.

When it comes to will power, I am the equivalent of a “strong willed child”. Maybe I never outgrew it. If I set my mind to something, I can be as determined and focused as anyone. That is a blessing and a curse. It really all depends on how and where it’s applied. When I look in the mirror, am I willing to say “no matter what the cost, the struggle, the valley, not my will but yours”? Can I apply my strong will to anything I may face that is the Lords will and not my own? Can I say, with confidence, “I don’t have a clue why this is happening, I don’t see the end game, but not my will, but yours”?

If I need an example and inspiration, I need look no further then the cross and the empty tomb.

“My Will” by DC Talk

6 thoughts on “"Not My Will, but Yours"

  1. Great post, Aaron. “TheEpiphany” wrote something very simular in her post, “Grow up Already”. I believe the Lord is calling his church to another level and I want to be willing to go, no matter the cost.
    Thanks again.

  2. I’m finding more and more that accepting his will in my own life has everything to do with believing he can and will declare his will and provide as needed. I really need more faith and the more I read and further I pray, the more I trust his will and make it my own.

    Great thoughts, man.

  3. I like to think I’m always willing to let God do whatever He wants with me, but then I realize i’m often just deceived into thinking my level of willingness is sufficient because it’s more than so-and-so’s apparent willingness, which really isn’t total willingness at all. Willingness is only as good as its totality. God is teaching me that He doesn’t want partial availability, He wants total availability for sacrifice. My attempts willingness are laughable. I have no idea how Jesus mustered such sacrifice – but am I glad He did.

  4. Ronda – I missed that post but will check it out. I agree that, especially in these days, God is calling each of us to something higher. Now if I just had the will power to do it….

    Cut – Great comments. What never fails to amaze me is that no matter how many times he has shown himself faithful (which would be always), I still fight the urge to not put my faith in his plan. It’s not until I forge ahead with my plans and fall on my face, that I remember his is faithful and true.

    Epiphany – So true. If only I could get my will and willingness to intersect. They all to often seem to be on their own paths.

  5. I’ve had my share of of forging ahead and falling flat on my face and am so thankful Jesus has always been so faithful to pick me up, dust me off and hold me for a while.
    Like you I’ve got a strong will and am learning ( we are ever learning in seems! ) that when we yield our will to His, then His grace conforms ours will to His.

    Every blessing to you Aaron, may you have a blessed Easter with your family remembering the sacrifice and celebrating the victory of the resurrection!


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