Writing for two blogs is just too much for me to keep up with. With that in mind, the regulars of this blog are going to have to bear with me at times if I post something that is COMPLETELY different then the norm. Maybe it will give even further insight into this bald head of mine. There are just moments when something hits my thought process and must be recorded somewhere. This would be one of those moments.

I took a quick break here in the office and read Mudpuppy’s latest post. About 5 minutes later, “Me Myself and I” came on iTunes from my library. I had to stop and rock it 3 or 4 times. My son, who is home with the flu, thinks I am completely nuts. Maybe it was the break dancing and moonwalk that gave it away.

So for the regulars, just a heads up that posts like this might occasionally happen. Maybe it will spice this blog up a bit too? Anyway, here’s a throwback for you. Have a great weekend!