How very cool it was to get my first ever blog award from my blogging buddy David at Grits-n-Grace.

First off, I would be remiss, if I didn’t take a minute and thank David personally for choosing this crazy blog as one of his 5. It’s an honor that someone finds value in the thoughts that run through my head and onto a keyboard. I appreciate you following this bouncing ball and your consistent comments on my posts. I can’t say it without sounding cheesy, but hopefully you know how much I appreciate that.

Secondly, I am tasked with passing on the “love” and awards to 5 blogs which I choose as worthy of the award. This is no small task. To be honest, my entire blogroll could receive the award. So I guess one award will have to be split among the entire blogroll. That leaves 4 more. Ugh…the pressure.

1. The Mudpuppy – No question or doubt about this one. The more I read this guys blog, share some discussion with him and get to know him, the madder I am that it took me this long to move over to We’ve never met (yet) in person, but we will connect one of these days. No doubt about it. He also introduced me to the concept of “Blogger sharpening Blogger”.

2. The Man of Steel – How could I award “Mud” without “Steel”. Ditto to everything I said about The Mudpuppy for Superman1224. Both of these guys have stretched me and commented regularly. It’s nice to know someone’s reading this! If nothing else, he introduced me to Daughtry! The top 5 of the week is also a personal favorite of mine!

3. Cut From The Rock – Aside from having quite possibly the coolest blog name in the world, “Cut” has been a regular contributer to the “recent comments” as well. I appreciate his honesty and his posts are clearly an insight into his thoughts.

4. Clay’s World – Although we haven’t been able to get him to move over to wordpress (yet), I know one of these days my man Clay will be movin’ on up (Fish don’t fry in the kitchen, beans don’t burn on the grill brother). It doesn’t matter where he blogs from, Clay’s posts give me pause to think about the everyday things. Plus his movie reviews are usually right on!

So there you have it. These are fun, but in a way, I feel bad doing them. This list could be much, much longer. I guess the directions want me keeping it to 5 though. I noted through the chain of posts that some of you had already received the award (Faithwalk, Blessed1, Experiencing the Journey) and I’m sure that the six degrees of blogging separation will make it’s way to others (namely Pastor Hawkins). I think I’ll throw in a couple of “honorable mentions” (even if it’s cheating): Christianity in High Heels, The Epiphany, Held By Him, More for Your Life, Brian Ford, and Shane Bertou.

If I have missed you, and I know I missed a bunch of you. Please accept my apology and award number one. I’m trying to keep the post short. Each of the blogs in my blogroll are winners! Which reminds me, if you’re reading this and have me blogrolled, do me a huge favor and leave a comment to let me know. This blog of mine is showing up in places I never knew or imagined. I’d like to return the favor and blogroll you as well! Thanks to all for visiting and especially to David for the kind gesture and award! Now it’s time to pay it forward!