missed.gifThis morning, around 5 am I boarded a flight to New York City (which was very cool by the way). I returned this evening after a bit of a delay at the airport. As I was waiting at the gate a business man ran by me with the look of “I’m gonna miss my flight” written all over his face. Ever since I started my world tour, I have made it a habit to get to the airport in plenty of time. So there I was getting all judgmental all of the sudden.

As he whooshed by me, I thought to myself “that’s too bad, glad I got here on time”. Then the still small voice kicked in and a I had to check myself. I was just fortunate enough to get there early. I don’t know a thing about this man, or why he was running late. I certainly shouldn’t consider myself a more savvy business traveler because I wasn’t running.

I was reminded that I can often do the same thing with my faith. Especially in the area of justification. Am I the only one that can justify my way out of things by thinking “well at least I’m not as bad as THAT guy”. If I’m not careful, I can find myself comparing spiritual standings with people I don’t even know. Highly dangerous and very wrong. As if I know a thing about their past or why each person is wired the way they are. Even worse, as if I am somehow better. If the truth was told, I’d be the one running to catch every flight in this analogy! Who am I to think or judge someone else or their faith?

It was yet another “teachable moment” in the most unlikely of places.