dragon.jpg“My heart’s so low, I’m so much to manage. I think you should know that I’ve been damaged” – TLC

I recently completed the book “To Own a Dragon” by Donald Miller. I didn’t read it because it’s about growing up without a father. I just really like Donald Miller’s writing. I was fortunate enough to grow up on a home with a loving father and mother. Donald Miller, however, did not. Clearly missing that part of his life left it’s mark on him. I guess you can say he’s “damaged”.

Last week in Virginia, a young man did the unthinkable. Near as we can tell, he was an outcast who had enough. Seeing the videos and the pictures he put together, my only thought was that he was “damaged”. Now there are 32 families and countless friends that will forever be damaged by his rage.

In some form or another, aren’t we all “damaged”? As John Ortberg said “we all have an as is tag”. We’ve all made a wrong turn, wrong choice, run with the wrong crowd and suffered the consequences. Maybe it wasn’t even our choices, but those of another that caused the damage. Here’s the key, our God is a God of second chances. He’s a God of restoration and healing. He’s a God that will one day right every wrong. He can and will repair our damage.

We are all damaged. The question today is have we allowed God to heal, to restore and to mend it? If so, what is our response?