raise.jpg“All the promises we break from the cradle to the grave. When all I want is you.” -U2

I have been hearing and reading more and more about some radical churches taking part in something called U2charist. While I have never quite understood the connection between the group U2 and praise and worship, I say whatever gets people into a church where they can hear the gospel…great. I began to wonder exactly which songs from U2 would be featured in such a service? The one I can connect with the most would be the song “All I want is you” (all 6 minutes of it).

As I listened to that song again, I was reminded of how often I can bring my list of desires and wants to my prayer time. “Ok Lord, please heal this, do that, bring this, remove that..”. I can often bring a list of promises as well. “Lord, if you would just do that, my response will be this.” Sadly, I will admit that even if and when those things happen, my promises are often broken and my list of requests only grows. All he wants is me.

He doesn’t want my empty promises. He doesn’t want my list of outlandish requests. Ultimately, he knows it all anyway. All he wants is me. He wants my time, my life and my all. He can do more with what little I have to give then I could ever do on my own. Isn’t that all I should want too?

Post inspired by Mudpuppy’s “Confession Week”