chain.jpg“When you see where you are now, remember your chains. Remember your chains are gone” –Steven Curtis Chapman

As a blogger, I love this time of year. I generally get “inspired” in the most unlikely of places…cutting the grass. I think it’s because it is a time when my thoughts all run together and combine with the music running through my iPod. Yesterday was no different.

I need to confess that I wasn’t in a very good place yesterday (mentally) while working on the lawn. To be completely honest, I was feeling sorry for myself. Thoughts of fear, doubt and being a “worst case scenario” person combined to make my thoughts pretty much torture. It reached it’s peak right about the same time the trimmer ran out of string. As I sat down to re-string the trimmer, the song below came on. It couldn’t have been any more appropriate if God himself had been sitting right beside me. “Aaron….have you forgotten?”

I literally had to stop what I was doing and just listen to the wisdom of the song. I was being reminded that God has brought me through so much in this life. He has blessed me more then I can ever imagine or explain. Yet here I am doubting his plan for my future. I’m not even giving him a chance to do it again. I was forgetting to remember where I am and that my chains are gone. I’m the one that keeps picking them back up. I was mentally writing the future without the author of the past.

Lord forgive me for my doubt. Release me from my fear and thank you for breaking my chains.

“Remember Your Chains” – Steven Curtis Chapman