9.jpg“I look at him and I’m so amazed. I’m so proud and then so afraid, that the apple didn’t fall quite far enough from the tree. I look at him and I see me” –Travis Tritt

Alright blogging community..I need your help. Tonight we began the process of teaching my 6 year old to ride a bike without training wheels. Now before you rush to comment and give advice, please note the lyrics quoted above. For those that don’t know “him” or “me” let me give you some context. “Me” is headstrong, stubborn, sensitive and easily frustrated when I don’t pick things up quickly. “Me” also has a very, very short attention span (what were we talking about again?).

Unfortunately, “Him” is just like “me”.

So now you know your audience. Here’s what I need. I need some guidance how to speed past that learning curve and jump straight into riding like a champ. Our first attempts tonight didn’t go so well. I am willing to admit that I have even “googled this” (see results here, here and here). While all of those are valuable, I need a “feet on the streets” report from the people I have come to value and respect. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this –

Can you give advice on how to teach “him” and “me” how to ride a bike without training wheels?