Remember Stryper?

This is absolutely a true story. When I was in High School, I was in a CHRISTIAN bookstore with my mom. As we were at the checkout counter, these 3 kids came into the CHRISTIAN bookstore and attempted to steal the newest Stryper tape (called “In God We Trust” by the way) from a display by the door. We reported the incident and order was restored. Every time I hear Stryper, I have to laugh. Not only because I liked them, but 3 dudes tried to steal from a Christian bookstore.

3 thoughts on “Remember Stryper?

  1. Oh man! My older sister had a bunch of their tapes way back in the 80’s. I am sending this video to her. She will be floored!

    Yeah for the Christian Hair Bands!!!

  2. Stryper Rocked! Many a youth retreat ended around the fire singing stryper songs. Hilarious! Don’t tell anyone, but I still have “To Hell with the Devil” and “In God we Trust” on CD.

    Rock on bro.

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