What I'm Praying For

Talk about a loaded post! There is no shortage of material recently that is for sure. First off, today is the National Day of Prayer. In addition to that, Mothers day is fast approaching (heads up guys, its May 13th) and then today came the news of a recent study about what stay at home Moms would make if actually paid what they are worth. Folks, would you believe that it was $138,095!! (Click here for the article) Something tells me I am in the wrong line of work. Then again, having done the Mr. Mom thing once or twice….no thanks.

What does all of this have to do with what I am praying for? Well, among all of the other things I will pray for today (our troops, discernment, my children, friends, family); at the top of the list will be my wife. It doesn’t take a study to make me realize the value of this woman to my life and our home. Truth is that it cannot be put to a dollar figure. There is no payment that could cover the debt that I owe to her. From bringing our children into this world, the shepherding of their hearts and certainly for putting up with yours truly. I think Steven Curtis Chapman put it best when he said “I’m a clueless man when it comes to knowing how to love this woman” in his song “How Do I Love Her”

I will pray a prayer of gratitude, a prayer for strength and a prayer for protection for the rock in my marriage. To all the moms, happy early mother’s day! To all the husbands…don’t forget the 13th. And to everyone…certainly don’t forget the National Day of Prayer today.

“How Do I Love Her?” by Steven Curtis Chapman

One thought on “What I'm Praying For

  1. Wow, that brought tears to my eyes. 🙂 It’s so awesome to hear men speak of love for their wives like you have here. We need more men to step up and be good husbands and fathers like you obviously are. I am blessed to husband like that as well. I’m very thankful for him as I’m sure you’re wife is thankful for you. God bless you!!!

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