bcorcovado.jpg“Excuse me while I kiss the sky” –Jimi HendrixYou all will have to excuse me, but today is a GREAT day. I got some good news this morning about something I have been very burdened with. It has been like shackles that have been weighing me down and to be honest, it has really been tough. We serve a great big God that can do amazing things. You will have to forgive me if I just want to spend some time enjoying that. I want to spend some time giving credit where credit is due.It doesn’t seem like nearly enough, but I just want to sit in this moment, listen to some music and praise God for who he is. I want to thank him for his patience when I forget that. I want to thank him for his never failing love and not turning his back when I choose fear over peace. When I chose doubt over destiny. The song below is what I have been, and will be listening to. For those that don’t know me, it defines me. For those that do know me, you will know that I hold onto this one lyric –“I am just a man who understands, because of you I’m blessed. No more, no less” – MercyMe“No More, No Less” by MercyMe