Happy Birthday "Mema"

Although this is a “repost” of something I wrote 2 years ago, nothing has changed. I am still wrapped and powerless against my little girl. My “Mema” turns 4 today and the time is flying by. She will always be my little girl!I have always heard the phrase “Daddy’s Little Girl” but until recently never had a grasp on the whole concept. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love my little girls just as much as I love my son, but I think there comes a point when you get bitten by the “bug” and everything changes. It’s pretty amazing how God created the unique relationships between a Father/Son and Father/Daughter. Neither one is any less important than the other, they both have a way of melting even the toughest of men.I remember visiting my brother-in-law after the birth of my niece. Having already had 3 boys at home, I simply said “you know you’ll have to walk this one down the aisle”. I will never forget the look on his face when I said that. His whole composure changed. Funny how those things come back around! Now I am the one that thinks of the day when I will have to gather the strength to do that very thing myself. To quote the music group Live, “I don’t need no one to tell me about heaven. I look at my daughter and then I believe“.There are days now when I drift off in thought about my 2 girls and watching them grow. For those dad’s that have a daughter (or 2) at home, you know exactly what I speak of. If you don’t, look out! There will come a day that you didn’t even see it coming. Your fingers will be officially wrapped around the precious gift(s) you have been given. You will know what it is to have Daddy’s Little Girl!“My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday "Mema"

  1. Happy birthday Emma!!! I hope you guys have a great day with her…she is such a special little girl! And her birthday’s so close to Kylie’s – she turns 4 on Friday!

  2. It only gets worse, Aaron. My daughter just turned 18 and she’s “daddy’s little girl” more and more every day. Like you, I love my son dearly and and we have that father-son-male-bonding thing and it’s a wonderful feeling. But the relationship between a father and daughter is one that really is beyond words for me. The first time she heard “Butterfly Kisses”, she jumped into my lap and said, “That’s what you give me every night, daddy!” It’s not every night anymore, but we still share them. We’ve both said that she CAN NOT have that song at her wedding! 😉 (smiley’s allowed here…) Yes, it only gets worse. And that’s a great thing!

    Later, bro.

  3. Debbie – Thanks! I’ll pass on the word to Emma. I didn’t realize that their birthdays were that close together! How very cool.

    David – you’re cracking me up and killing me at the same time. Yes sir, smileys are totally allowed here! I still don’t think I have recovered from hearing Butterfly Kisses for the first time. I wasn’t event a father or husband when that came out, but I was a train wreck (surprise). I appreciate your wisdom and guidance through this parenting thing. Me “tinks” I’m gonna need it 🙂 (smiley included out of spite) ha-ha!

  4. Give her a big kiss and hug from her Aunt Tina and cousins ~ Nathan really did spend over an hour working on that silly Monkey-email. He was too funny!!!

    She is a heart-melter for sure ~ if she ever comes up missing, just remember I have always wanted Taylor to have a sister 🙂 …… (I’d put a real smiley here, but, I don’t know how to)

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