gilr2.jpgThis morning our church held a baptism service. It was much more powerful and moving then I would have expected. Everyone from a small little girl, to brothers, a couple that was engaged and even a man that was older in his years were baptized. Of note was our pastor baptizing his future son-in-law (his daughter just got engaged yesterday).I couldn’t help but think of the song below and that somewhere in this world, a little girl and 2 little boys are already chosen for my children. God has circled the day they would meet on his calendar. He knows the paths that will bring them together. He even knows the faces of those that will attend their wedding.Knowing how my mom and dad prayed over this song and for my future spouse, I know it’s never to early to start praying. So future daughter and son-in-laws, “hold onto Jesus, wherever you are”“Somewhere in the World” by Wayne Watson