garfield-i_dont_do_mornings.gifI’ve heard it said that “my wife wakes up grumpy in the morning…other days, she lets me sleep in..”. I’m not gonna lie, I HATE mornings. I don’t sleep well in the first place, and the older I get, the more I hate them. So when I read this line in the Max Lucado book “In The Eye of The Storm“, I guess it hit pretty close to home. Probably because it’s so relevant in my home.

If people love you at 6:30 in the morning, one thing is sure: They love you. They don’t love your title. They don’t love your style. They don’t love your accomplishments. They just love you.

I got to thinking about my house in the morning. Usually my 6 and 4 year old get up before everyone else. They have learned to not disturb the slumbering bear until they hear the sounds of said bear lumbering his way out of the bed in the morning. Then they usually greet me somewhere between the potty and bathroom sink to say good morning. More often then not, my return greetings are not quite so pleasant, let alone understandable. Yet they greet me again the next morning. Now that’s love.

I thought of my wife and how she has had to put up with this behavior for ten years now (on June 14th by the way). She is what you might call a “morning person” so for her, my act is completely foreign. Yet she keeps bringing the smiles and greetings each morning. Never once telling me what my mom used to say “Looks like someone needs to go upstairs and start the day over again”.

Knowing that those that live under my roof love me regardless of all of the early morning shortcomings is something special. To know that it’s not for all of those things that Max listed, but for who I am, means even more. I can’t promise I will all of the sudden become a morning person, that would take a major miracle. But I can sure relish in the fact that my family loves me. Mornings included.