launch.jpgI had breakfast with a very close personal friend last Friday morning. As I drove away from our meeting, I felt a total mixed bag of emotions from the news that I had just heard. While what he told me effects me, our friendship and our journey together, I was thrilled with one thing. He is chasing God.


We have shared our desire to be everything that God has called us to be as men, fathers and husbands for a few years now. On Friday, he took it to the next level by literally putting his entire future in Gods hands. My reaction was one of complete excitement. I later had to apologize if it came off that I wasn’t going to miss him, or our times together. The reality is that I am thrilled FOR him because I know his heart. I know that he is chasing Gods will and that is the most important thing any of us can do.

He is not sure where his journey will take him. It might take him out of town, might even damage some relationships. Yet he is putting all of that in Gods hands and trusting his plan for whatever he wants to do with his life. Though there is uncertainty about his future, there is certainty in the author and provider. Amazing.

To my friend, you have my utmost admiration. You have my utmost respect. Most of all you will always have my friendship. May God bless your journey!