confidence.jpgA few weeks ago, I had the largest opportunity I have ever been given in my professional career. I entered into this opportunity a bit nervous as there was only going to be one guy on the stage for 2 straight days. I felt confident in my material, but unsure that I even belonged there.

Just a few days prior to my meetings, I got a call from a mutual friend of my boss. He was telling me that he had run into him at an event earlier in the year and shared their conversation with me. What he told me about my bosses feelings and confidence in me was all I needed to hear. With a new found confidence, I sailed through the 2 days. I don’t type any of this to boast or brag, as always, there were lessons to be learned here.

It is amazing the power of positive words isn’t it? Knowing that those who matter most to you have the faith that you can do it can make a world of difference. As my wife and I raise our children, am I filling them with the confidence they need to succeed in whatever they do? Am I offering my wife the words of encouragement to “run the race” each day? Our words can raise us to new heights, or sink us to knew lows.

It’s amazing what a little faith in someone can do.