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Wisdom from the 80’s (9)

My wife actually prompted this one on vacation this week. She noted that the establishment we were having breakfast in reminded her of “Mel’s Diner” from the TV show Alice. Our waitress also looked a bit like “Flo” (insert Dumb and Dumber quote here). I checked and “Alice” ran from 1976 – 1985. So this would still qualify. With that I give you this weeks “Wisdom from the 80’s”

“Kiss My Grits….”



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  • momlovesbeingathome · June 8, 2007

    I used to love that show! I remember that line well. 🙂

  • DulceDiana · June 8, 2007

    I hope you guys enjoyed your time!

  • Aaron · June 8, 2007

    It was great. Thanks for the comments and well wishes. We had a blast (me especially) naming all of the characters over breakfast.

    Alice – of course
    Mel – Duh
    Tommy – Alice’s son
    Vera – the nervous one
    Flo –
    What was that guy who was the telephone repair mans name? I thought it was “Snyder” but that was “One Life to Live”. Man, I am getting old.

  • Rindy · June 9, 2007

    I love your 80’s flashbacks–great! Always giving me a chuckle or set me off singing….thanks!!

  • myderbe · June 15, 2007

    My grandma used to say “Kiss my grits” all the time because of that show. We even had a t-shirt made with that on it and gave it to her once. She was way too embarrassed to actually wear it.

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