Fathers Day 2007

I am about a week early for this, but it’s never to early to honor our fathers. I wanted to make sure to get this one to the web so others can see it. In all my years, I have never seen a more fitting analogy of what fatherhood is like. To watch our children leap out of the blocks and run on their own. To see them stumble and fall. Then to be there when they need us to finish the race. Though this clip is not in English, it doesn’t need to be. Pick it up right at the 1:00 mark and you will see an amazing story unfold. Watch as they try to get his father off the track. This is the incredible story of Derek Redmond from the Barcelona games in 1992. Happy Fathers day to my dad and all of the other dads out there. May we all finish the race together.

4 thoughts on “Fathers Day 2007

  1. I’ve seen that clip many times. It makes me cry every time so I didn’t watch it this time. πŸ™‚ I can tell just by the beginning frame what it is. That is definitely a great example of a great father.

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