We Will Never Forget

For all of those that lost their lives on September 11th and have sacrificed while defending our freedom since. For all of those that continue to fight for our freedom today, we will never forget…..


4 thoughts on “We Will Never Forget

  1. A Simple Amen Brother.

    Looking at the picture above shows life of a little boy walking across the grass holding a flag, this morning it brought me tears looking at this photo, knowing alot of people lost their lives on this day.

    Thank You

  2. Heidi –

    You are so right. This image is actually my son. The same little boy that is the not so little one anymore in the banner image. We took this image in the days that followed 9/11 when the world was a much different place. I gripped his hand a little tighter that day. May we never take it for granted.

  3. I will never forget that day!!!! We all watched it at school and when we got home and at the time I didnt really understand what really happended or what it all ment or why it happened, but looking back Im glad i didnt understand then what I do know. Every time I see a picture like the one above it reminds me to never take freedom for granted and to thank GOD for letting us have our freedom. I just want to thank all of the soldiers over seas and their families. God bless

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