By Golly…He Did it!

img_2177.jpgWell, it took us all summer, but I am proud to announce that “the boy” finally did it! We were just about to go on a nightly walk and he said “I want to practice on my bike”. We had pretty much given up on riding without training wheels this summer, so I figured..why not? Within 5 minutes he was riding like a champ. It was unbelievable. I wish I could say that I did some incredible fatherly thing to make it happen, but I can’t. He just did it.

There was some collateral damage to a “House For Sale” sign a few doors down as he was trying to coordinate the brakes, but neither one of them are worse for the wear. So to those of you that responded to my earlier cries for help (here and here), thank you! I was hoping to catch the moment on video but I missed it. I was able to record a real quick audio clip. Hope this makes it feel like you were there with us.

8 thoughts on “By Golly…He Did it!

  1. Yeah!!!!! I agree. All you will hear is “Can I go ride my bike?” But with much joy you will be glad to comply to his request.

  2. SUCCESS!!! Congrats on the major milestone!! The sound clip was perfect. I was laughing on the floor!!!! May you put many miles on the tires now!!

  3. Aaaron –

    OK – so please email me or IM me .. just HOW did you do it? I’m in the same place as you with both my 7 year old and my 5 year old – we just put the bikes away and gave up a while.

    I think the 5-year old is much more likely to do it .. he’s a wilder risk-taker, but his new bike for his BD was messed up, we took it back to WM and never got another one – I’m determined to get the replacement this Saturday …

    Do tell .. did you run behind him (that was killing me) … any suggestions?

  4. Fred –

    3 words my friend…Circle of influence.

    We tried like crazy to get him going on that thing this summer. His Grandfather even threatened to cut off the brakes. Unfortunately, he (my son) is just like me (see also..stubborn). I am right with you. We parked it and gave up on the summer of riding bikes. Then he went to school….

    All of the sudden he wants to get it out and ride now. Then he rides it the first time. My best guess is that his friends were all riding theirs and he wasn’t. It was a new motivation. I too ran behind, beside, in front and it left me tired and frustrated. My wife did the “Push and fall” method. All the way down the street. Neither worked.

    Get them around some friends that are riding and you will see a whole new sense of purpose. Good luck! Been there…done that.

  5. What did it for Tanner (riding at 3) was the ridicule he saw a kid get on the movie Fried Worms for riding w/ training wheels. The very next day he demanded they be removed and he hasn’t stopped riding without them since.

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