Subliminal Messages

I have had this strange feeling lately like it was time for a change. It’s like someone is trying to tell me something. I think I better follow the prompting. Have a look for yourself…

[rockyou id=83824307&w=426&h=320]

In case you missed it, I recently changed the address.

8 thoughts on “Subliminal Messages

  1. Glad you all liked it. I do have a tendency to do this quite often and I am running out of ways to announce it. Clay, you are SOOOOO right. That might be the best description I have ever heard. “King of Restless”. That’s awesome.

    In terms of “blade-on-top-of-hat” stuff, it’s just a domain map, so nothing changed from anyone linked to Inleftfield will eventually go away when the domain subscription on runs out.

    That’s a lot of techie talk for “it’s a good idea to update the reader and links” 🙂

    Thanks for following the bouncing ball.

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