A GPS and Time

__sysmes.jpgI kicked off a 2 city in one day tour this morning VERY early. Thankfully I am sitting in a downtown hotel in St. Louis after a quick pit stop in Boston. The highlight of the day for me all started when I said “yes” to the GPS option with my rental car this morning. I have never used a GPS, but knew that if I was left to my own navigation in a city like Boston it would have ended REAL bad.

I gotta say that a GPS is pretty much the coolest thing I have ever seen. After my presentation, I was making my way back to the airport and had several hours before I was due to depart. I figured I would put it’s capabilities to the test. So I typed in FENWAY PARK and I was on my way. I did the speed tour around Fenway by literally running around the outside and taking as many pictures as I could. It didn’t help that my meter was expired and I had no change. It would have been worth the ticket though.



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  1. Erik Lane

    That must be common occurrence in Boston. We did the same thing last month. I got out and snapped a few pictures before hopping back into the family truckster.

    As for GPS…it’s like TiVo. When you “get it” you “get it”. Get it? đŸ™‚ I don’t use one in the car (except on long trips) but we use them for hiking, camping, and Geocaching. I think we’ll get one for the car at some point though.

  2. Aaron

    Erik – You are SOOO right! I was thinking “I’ve gotta get one of these”. I don’t think I have enough in-car travel to make a case for it though. It was fun to try it out for awhile. Glad to hear I’m not the only one that took the “quick” tour of Fenway.

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