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And So it Starts….

84adc.jpgMaybe it was the early hour that I had to be at the airport this morning (5am), Maybe it was the boredom when I got there. It might have been a case of my son finally wearing me down. Whatever it was, as of about an hour ago, we officially adopted our first “Webkinz”. I’d like to introduce you all to “Lightning”. He was officially born in March, but adopted today.

I have no clue what I have gotten myself into here, so if any of you have had the same lapse in judgement and adopted one too, I’d appreciate the advice. If I understand this correctly, my son signs in to this web site and feeds, walks and takes care of his new virtual pet. He is also telling me that he has to play games in order to get points to “buy” things for ‘ol Lightning.

As long as we’re not using my credit card to “buy” things for said pet, I guess I am alright with this. I love the fact that I won’t be finding any virtual “presents” around the house! I also don’t have to let Lightning out first thing in the morning. I’m open to any webkinz wisdom the blogging community has to offer.


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  • mudpuppy · September 19, 2007

    “I love the fact that I won’t be finding any virtual “presents” around the house!”


  • Lorie · September 20, 2007

    Have fun with Webkins! We have four and are wanting more! :o)

  • theepiphany · September 20, 2007

    I’ve heard those toys are HUGE right now. He’s cute though. Good luck, haha

  • Erik Lane · September 20, 2007

    Maybe we should’ve gotten one of those. I had never heard of Webkinz but we just got a “Nintendog” for my 8 year old daughter’s Nintendo DS. She loves it and it’s not requiring me to take it out or feed it.

    Sounds good to me! :-)

  • Aaron · September 20, 2007

    As a quick follow up, I might not have to get up in the morning to let the dog out, but I was greeted (VERY) early this morning because “the boy” forgot his password for the site. A couple of minutes later, I was met again by the same child because the web site was down.

    Maybe the real thing would have been better…..

  • MichaelConners · September 20, 2007

    Aaron, we’ve got a stable of 4 Webkinz at our house right now. Got the first 2 in the early summer and there was a lot of initial excitement and use. Use declined as the summer progressed and AFAIK it’s almost none recently. The girls like to play together, play outside with their friends a lot more than the Webkinz web site. On a side note, the most frequent user of Webkinz in the neighborhood (lots of little kids in the area) is one of the mothers. I know because I was asked to repair a wireless network issue at their house, and it was the primary system to access the Webkinz web site.

  • Rindy · September 20, 2007

    We’ve been without any animals in the house since April–and I’ve heard about it every day since from my youngest son. Maybe this will help….thanks!!

  • Stef · September 21, 2007

    “As long as we’re not using my credit card to “buy” things for said pet, I guess I am alright with this.” Priceless comment and my thoughts exactly.

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