84adc.jpgMaybe it was the early hour that I had to be at the airport this morning (5am), Maybe it was the boredom when I got there. It might have been a case of my son finally wearing me down. Whatever it was, as of about an hour ago, we officially adopted our first “Webkinz”. I’d like to introduce you all to “Lightning”. He was officially born in March, but adopted today.

I have no clue what I have gotten myself into here, so if any of you have had the same lapse in judgement and adopted one too, I’d appreciate the advice. If I understand this correctly, my son signs in to this web site and feeds, walks and takes care of his new virtual pet. He is also telling me that he has to play games in order to get points to “buy” things for ‘ol Lightning.

As long as we’re not using my credit card to “buy” things for said pet, I guess I am alright with this. I love the fact that I won’t be finding any virtual “presents” around the house! I also don’t have to let Lightning out first thing in the morning. I’m open to any webkinz wisdom the blogging community has to offer.