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I’m B-A-C-K!

Wow…that was a trip and a half (literally). I’m happy to be back and on the ground again though. I got much more than I bargained for on this trip. After seeing one of the oldest ballparks on Monday, I had the absolute blessing of seeing one of the newest yesterday. Our customer forum was held at the new St. Louis Cardinal ballpark. We treated our customers to a tour of the ballpark and a game that night (14 innings by the way).

The funniest part of the tour came when we went down on the field. They said “don’t touch the grass, don’t walk on the grass, don’t smell the grass” and one of the customers responded “don’t smoke the grass”. Customers…you gotta love them. Great trip though. If you care to see all of the pictures they can be found here. It’s a camera phone so it’s the best I can do. The gentleman in one of the final pictures is none other than Lou Brock.


I loved this one… but it’s not another subliminal message…




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  • klampert · September 19, 2007

    awesome…welcome back dude

  • Aaron · September 19, 2007

    Thanks klampert. Good to be back. If I would have had more time on the East Coast I should have called you. I was only there for a brief few hours though.

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