The Lord of the Gift

gift_wrap_LRG One blessing I can never put into words is the blessing of some great friends in my life. I say this not to boast, rather that I am amazed at the way that God has intertwined our lives in his providence. As I was reading about spiritual gifts in “If You Want to Walk on Water” by John Ortberg, I couldn’t help but think of two friends in particular. Both have given me gifts recently that are irreplaceable, unforgettable and treasured.

Both gifts were not necessary, but were given because both of these individuals have, what I consider, the spiritual gift of “gift givers”. One recently visited The University of North Carolina and brought back a coffee thermos and pack of UNC Tar Heel gum from their gift shop. Knowing my heart bleeds Carolina Blue, it was the perfect gift! The other gave me a pair of official basketball practice shorts from THE Ohio State University where he works for the team. Knowing my love for college basketball, again, it was the perfect gift (I think he’s trying to convert me).

My thoughts were drawn to both of these because God gave both of these individuals a gift of giving. They recognize that gift and are using it. As the receiver, knowing the giver, it gives glory back to God. I began to wonder if I have grasp my spiritual gift? Have I unpacked it and used it to bring glory back to God? Do I understand the magnitude of what that gift might be and misusing it? To my friends, I again thank you. Not just for the gifts, but for allowing God to work through you.

Your friendship is a gift itself. Your service and willingness to be open to your giftedness is greater than any sermon. You are a blessing to me. If I ever get a handle on my spiritual gift (it’s in here somewhere), I pray I am to you as well!

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